PD Prize Guide

What is a PD Buck?

Preservation Dental® is proud to offer patients of all ages our own “minted” coin as an incentive to keep oral hygiene an important part of an overall “good health” routine. Children receive the coins “just because”; grown up children must ask! The program is designed to encourage patients to keep appointments, come prepared, plan ahead and to work toward a goal – whether it is to do a better job with at-home care or a special prize from the PD Prize Board. There are bonus opportunities to earn additional coins…and we are always looking for new and exciting ways to grow the program.

You receive 1 PD BUCK for each of the flowing:

  • Schedule a cleaning every six months
  • Keep your appointment
  • Arrive on time for your appointment
  • Make it a “good” appointment by having a well-cared-for mouth when you sit in the chair
  • Behave mannerly throughout the appointment
  • Application of a sealant material to protect your teeth against cavities

You receive 5 PD BUCKS for each of the following:

  • Office visits for orthodontic extractions
  • Good grades – if you received all As and Bs on your report card, bring it with you to your appointment
  • Community service and charity work – when you help out in the community, ask for a signed note from a representative of the organization and share the information with our staff
  • Wear a PD tee to your next appointment or out in public – if a member of the staff sees you outside the office with a PD tee on….like at the mall, movies, community or sporting events, etc…you will be rewarded!

You receive 10 PD BUCKS for the following:

  • Tell a friend about our office. Be sure they tell us you referred them…PD BUCKS will be awarded after their first visit.

February brings an opportunity to earn MORE BUCKS!

Preservation Dental® holds an annual coloring contest in February to recognize and celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month. There are two age categories: Under 7 and 7 years or older.  Coloring pages are available at the office, located at 371 E. Main St. in downtown Northvillle. Generally entries are accepted through the end of February, and winners are announced the first week of March. Youngsters receive one PD Buck for entering – the 1st prize for each age category is at least 12 PD Bucks, 2nd prize is at least 9 PD Bucks and 3rd prize is at least 6 PD Bucks! Dr. Demray has been known to award honorable mentions (worth up to 5 PD Bucks) to those entries that catch his eye!


  • PD BUCKS are generally awarded at regularly scheduled appointments.
  • The PD BUCK Prize Board is online and at the dental office front desk.
  • Prizes may change from time to time.
  • Once you spend your PD BUCKS on a prize, they are spent. You must earn more PD BUCKS to purchase more prizes!